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​​​Let Mountain Pies help your organization or charity turn dough into dough!  

It's simple with Mountain Pies Fundraising Coupon Books!  Our fundraiser program is as easy as 1-2-3! 

Step #1 -  CHOOSE a level that  best fits for your organization's needs.  

Step #2 - SELL The Mountain Pies Fundraising Coupon Books

Step #3 - PROFIT up to 60% of your total sold!

Mountain Pies Fundraising Coupon Books consist of detachable coupons that can be redeemed at the Route 40 Mountain Pies location only. Everyone who purchases the coupon books will be sure to love the great savings they offer!  Patrons must have the coupons present at the time of ordering for redemption and can only use 1(one) coupon per visit.  Organizations are able to decide how many Mountain Pies easyFundraising Coupon Books that they would like their group to sell.  No worries, you are only charged for the amount of coupon books that your organization is able to sell!  Any extra Coupon Books that are unsold can be given back to Mountain Pies.

 Note: Only Coupon Books in good condition can be returned and any lost/stolen Coupon Books will be added to the organization's total amount sold. 

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Mountain Pies Fundraising

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